Flat-Chested Beauties

If you know the frustrations of being an A-cup, then you might be interested in this list of hot celebs who share your problem. All of the celebrities below are “flat” (to varying degrees) and yet are still called “SEXY”. So if you’re a flat-chested girl, don’t worry! It doesn’t mean you’re not a real woman, or you’re unsexy. Accept your body, love it, and so will everyone else.


Amy Smart


Claire Danes


Debra Messing


Hilton sisters


Kate Bosworth


Kate Hudson


Katie Holmes


Mena Suvari


Naomi Watts


Natalie Portman


Olsen twins


Rachel McAdams


Sarah Michelle Gellar


Sienna Miller


Hayden Panettiere


Milla Jovovich


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8 Responses to Flat-Chested Beauties

  1. lichanos says:

    You neglected the fabulous Carol Baker:

  2. Tarek says:

    I prefer A-cups (sometimes B-cups) than larger breasts, they are simply more sexy and way more elegant than C or D or larger cup sizes. The woman can simply wear anything she likes, and her breasts won’t sag with age or giving birth / breastfeeding.

    This is of course when talking about natural breasts, as fake ones are a real turn-off…

    And as one of my friends used to say; more than a handful is a waste 🙂

    • Kevin Bell says:

      I’m with Tarek. I like A cups the most. My girlfriend is an A, and I am really turned on when she wears one of my button-down shirts with no bra.
      Silicone breasts look so bad; they are a real turnoff. And why would one want to put some chemical into one’s body. The body attacks it since it is a foreign body, and forms scar tissue around it to wall it off. That’s why the fake ones get hard.
      Finally, the saying is “More than a mouthful is a waste.”

  3. Michael says:

    These women are small busted but certainly not flat chested. (Sara Michelle is actually quite big) Funny…………..some of the best boobs in all of Hollywood are on this list!

    • Cedes says:

      Fair point. Still, fluctuations of weight (not to mention cosmetic enhancements) frequently alter the bra size of celebs. At the time of these photos being taken the women didn’t have ample breasts. It cheers smaller women up to see it lol!

  4. Jürgen says:

    Definitions obviously differ. Naomi Watts certainly is small-breasted, but she’s not flat. I’d never call Sarah Gellar flat-chested at 34B and well-proportioned for her height and weight. That’s the key, as breasts of whatever size are just one factor of natural attraction. However flat-chested she may be, Rachel McAdams is very cute overall. It’s true, there are a couple of women on this list who leave me cold (and speaking of proportion, Milla Jovovich would look better if she weren’t breastless). But that’s individual taste. Most of these women are fine exactly as they are, and are sexier for being real rather than fake.

  5. shema says:

    well it does not mean they dont look good.plus they have there fame and money.

  6. bl says:

    I’m a boob man and have always wanted my woman to be busty. However, I do find some flat chested women such as Keira Knightley and Kate Bosworth are indeed pretty and sexy.

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